Saturday, April 11, 2009

This Ain't No Fish Tale

On Saturday Jeff and I took the boat out to the ocean for the first time this year. I always forget how awesome it is. Today wasn't any different. It was a little rough in Destin so we went to Sandestin where the water was a little calmer. We spotted a few dolphin. I was very happy because they hung around near the boat. We saw about 10 dolphin as we just idled in the water. After about 30 minutes Jeff had had enough. Not me I could stay all day but said OK Captain.

As we headed back toward Destin -- splash -- a dolphin jumped out of the water. Dang I missed it.

Dang I missed it again but.....
there had to be 30 dolphin swimming around us. Sides -- back -- front -- they were everywhere.

I have never seen dolphin lift their tails and slap it on the water. Awesome.

There were babies swimming with their moms but I didn't get a picture. Moms had them close by their side and wouldn't let them get near the boat. They are much darker in color than the others.

As Mr. Rogers would say, What a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

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Laura said...

So awesome, Doreen! Our guide in Alaska told us the babies are the ones that slap their tails in the water. They are showing off! We saw it too, and it is so neat! What a wonderful boat trip you had! Happy Easter!