Sunday, April 5, 2009

Make New Friends

On Wednesday evening we were invited to one of Jeff's golf buddie's house for dinner. A small dinner party he told me, just 5 couples. They live on the same bay as us but their view is incredible. WOW All you see is water when you walk in the front door. We were entertained by David Seering ( He has played for 3 Presidents -- need I say more? Danny Trace, the chef from Commander's Palace ( made the meal right in the host's kitchen. While we sipped on wine we listened to David play and sampled a few appetizers -- mushroom mousse on toasted french bread, tuna sushi and European cheese. We then went to the dining room for our first course -- turtle soup with sherry. I've never had turtle soup, just the name gives me the willies, but it was so good. Next was a salad -- a slice of red tomato, yellow tomato, fried green tomato, a few field greens with fresh basil topped with lump crab meat. YUM Next came stone ground grits topped with crawfish in a brown creole sauce. Again YUM. I thought that was the main course -- nope -- out comes a 12 ounce black angus filet sitting on a bed of mashed potatoes topped with caramelized onions. I took one bite and screamed uncle. I just couldn't eat one more bite. I got a doggy bag for my filet. It really wasn't a doggy bag but a bird made out of foil -- first class all the way. Next we moved back out to the swimming pool area for more music and dessert. There wasn't a song David didn't know. Commander's signature dessert is a bread pudding souffle topped with whiskey sauce. Double YUM. How could there be anymore? Out comes creole cheesecake to share and each couple got a piece of island spiced rum cake to take home. With each course was a different wine. That is more wine than I've had in a long time. What great new friends. The more we drank the friendly we all became. hahaha What a lovely evening. Where is my camera when I need it?

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Laura said...

Dang, girl, no pictures? That is going to be one hard dinner to top when it's your turn! What a fun evening.