Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Tried a new restaurant tonight. Commander's Palace has just come to Destin. They are a famous restaurant from New Orleans. The food was great and the price wasn't too bad. They're located in the Emerald Grande -- right where the flag is in the picture. The Emerald Grande is a condo and retail development right on Destin Harbor. Pat O'Briens (also from New Orleans) is the building on the far left and Harry T's is just in front of Commander's Palace. When all the building done, it will be a busy place with lots of entertainment and restaurants. Something else for us to do.

Headed North

Last week Jeff and I had Budder while Brooke vacationed in Destin. He is spoiled and we did all we could to spoil him more except he did not sleep in our bed. I do have my limits.

I'm headed north tomorrow. Brooke and I have another KCD camp next week. Should be fun. It's a good way for me to get rid of some of my crafts that someday I'll get to. hahaha

I can't believe we are headed into August. Where did the time go? It has been so hot down here. The sun seems more intense. It's hard to go from the car to BEALLS but ya just have to do it. Bealls has such good sales -- it's like they pay you to take their stuff. I haven't been shopping (treasure hunting) much because we have been working on picking out stuff for the house. Yesterday we rode thru neighborhoods looking at front doors and picked one from a book. Go figure -- should have saved the gas. Had to cancel a piece of furniture I picked out for the morning room that is upstairs because we couldn't get it up the stairs or in the elevator. Only way to get it in the house would be a crane thru a window -- NOW. I just hope the cabinet person can build it for me. It looked like an amoire but it had a little kitchen inside.

Looks like the sun is trying to peek out again so that means I'm headed to the pool.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Today we took the KCD teachers out on a boat in the ocean. Capt. Jeff did a fine job finding the dolphins. There were 8 - 10 dolphins -- mamas thru babies. Got some great pictures. The dolphins played around our boat for about 40 minutes. They were so close we could have touched them. Brooke directed us to Crab Island. The water is very shallow so people get out of there boats to play.

This is the front of the new house. Master bedroom is on the right. Living room, dining room and Jeff's office are in the middle. Left side is kitchen, family room and garage. Building on left is the exercise room and an extra garage.

This is the back of the house. On the left is the master bedroom. On the right is the beach bar. The pool will go right in the middle of the back by the pillars. This is our pier -- we'll change the sea wall when we do the yard. I don't want any of that grass. We have been talking about doing a beach where you can drive a jet ski right up on land. Life is good.

And this is the view of the water from the back of the house. Life is real good.