Friday, April 3, 2009

But Keep The Old

I first met Deb our freshman year at New Berlin High School in Wisconsin -- that was 1968. We have remained friends for 40 years. Last week Deb came down to Florida to visit for a few days. It rained all but 2 afternoons but it didn't matter we had lots to talk about. Do you remember ..........? We had lots of laughs. Who would have known when we were in high school how are lives would have turned out. We are both grateful for our high school sweetheart husbands and our families.
Hope our friendship stays like we just finished high school for our next 40 years. Thanks Deb


Laura said...

You had some big hair back then - LOL! Nice that you have a long lasting friendship. I hope ours goes for 40 years too! Let's see, that would make us ancient!


Hi Doreen,,thanks for directing me to your link..already added as a shortcut on my sure do look happy and I am so glad for you...and it was great to see Debbie Casper here as,,it has been so very long ,,you both look great and happy and your long relationship seems to have served you both well...I truly am happy for you both...
Keep in touch ,,okay?