Saturday, May 23, 2009


Last week while we were in Louisville we got a call from the sales lady from the furniture store where we purchased lots of stuff. "You better take delivery of your furniture because with the economy the way it is.... we might go out of business." What? was my reply. We are talking about a large furniture company from Hickory North Carolina -- the furniture capital. They loaded up a 53 foot trailer and headed our way. Where are we going to put this stuff -- the house won't be done until the beginning of August? Our builder quickly secured our gym/garage to put it in there. He will get the air conditioning on this week.
This is how much room we have left for the load that comes Monday morning. Where will we put that load? Always some drama.

Swimming Anyone?

This picture is of the new pool from my office deck. The section on the left will have a shallow end to put lawn chairs in the water. The section on the right will have a LARGE spa to exercise all winter long without heating the whole pool. It seems to be larger than we thought but then again the whole house is larger than we thought.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Banana Nut Bread

Went to a party on Saturday and one of the guests brought the hostess this treat. Some people are so clever.

Special Young Woman

Sunday was a special day for this young woman. She was baptized and we celebrated her 21st birthday with dinner at Ramsi's. I have known Anita since she was in 5th grade. She is one of the many girls I have mentored thru Girl Scouts. After she aged out of Girl Scouts we continued to stay close. Her family -- I have nothing good to say about them so I won't say anything. Anita is strong and determined to succeed. She has hit more than her share of bumps in the road. I went with her Sunday morning to her church as she committed her life to God. Sad that her family didn't show but that's not unusual. It was the first time I was in an all black church -- Amen Brother. I'm proud of you Anita.