Saturday, November 29, 2008

Something new for us

One day while Jeff was on the pier he spotted a crab. As he talked about it with his golf buddies he found out that lots of people catch them and eat 'em. Let's try it. I love crab. He purchased a crab trap from the local tackle shop and on Wednesday evening he and Brad put the Thanksgiving turkey's neck in the the trap.
They went over to the house (in the dark) and lowered it into the water. Next morning we all went over to check on the trap. We only had one. We left it in the water and checked it again later that day -- 3 more. We were too full from Thanksgiving dinner so we decided to leave them in there until Friday. When Jeff and Brad pulled it up we had one more -- 4 blue crabs and one stone crab. I didn't know there were stone crabs this far north. Stone crab claws are the best.
We did some research on how to prepare them and decided to steam them outside on the grill.
After steaming them in beer, vinegar and Old Bay Seasoning they were ready to dump on a pile of newspapers. Now what?? You start by breaking the apron off and lift the top shell off. Remove the gills and break down the center. Now all the crab meat is exposed and you just start eating. No butter necessary. The stone crab was the best. You would have to have a lot more crabs if you were going to make this a meal but they sure were good.

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Laura said...

Yummm! You're living off the land, or I guess that would be the sea, or the ocean, or whatever it is!