Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Than Fishing

The Eckmann family went fishing in the bay on Friday. Our guide Jason took us deep into the Choctawhatchee Bay. It was beautiful.
We had to catch our own bait -- well Jason caught the bait with a net as Captain Brooke drove the boat. She was in her glory. He took us down a narrow bayou that was very peaceful. As Jason was getting everybody's hook ready I was admiring the setting. Wait -- is that a nest in the tree?
Yep -- not just one nest but there were two nests. What is that sitting in that tree? I got the camera out and put on the BIG lens. Looks like an eagle. Jason said it could be an osprey. I looked in my camera case and I had binoculars.

Focus -- Focus Oh my gosh not one eagle but two eagles. As everybody fished I watched the eagles. What a sight. We or should I say the family was fishing for trout. Brooke caught the biggest. Wait what is that in the water? Two dolphins. Jason was not pleased because he said they eat the fish we are trying to catch. I didn't care -- they are incredible creatures.

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Laura said...

Throw Jason in the water for talking about the dolphins like that! And how cool that you saw the eagles. Their nests are so awesome! Woo hoo Brooke - show those boys how to fish!