Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bonus Bonus Bonus

I love penny slots. Sunday evening Jeff and I went to Horseshoe Casino in Indiana. I got my usual $200 from Jeff and headed to the penny slots. I know they don't pay but they are so much fun AND ADDICTING. My friend Pam suggested I go to her cascading shopping machine. I headed that way and of course somebody else was on it so I sat down beside her waiting for her to leave the machine. As I waited I put in $50 in the Great Wall machine. I have played it before but it never did anything for me but it wanted to play Sunday night -- bonus after bonus. Bonuses are the best part of slots. I was playing $.60 at a time -- that's 30 lines times 2. High roller. hahaha

That's $143.50 for a $.60 bet on one bonus. I cashed out since I more than doubled my money and put in a another $50. I got it up to $89 when it started to cool down -- time to move machines. It was a good night.


Laura said...

You lucky duck - that's why you're the lead duck!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are lucky. BARB

Anonymous said...

I did it I left a message without all that signing in!