Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stay away Gustav

Last week it was Fay -- this week it's Gustav. We only got about an inch of rain with Fay and not any high winds. The whole town was in a tizzy worried about the 8 to 10 inches of rain we were going to get and the high winds were going to keep people from getting out of town. If the winds get to 50 mph they shut the bridges until they can check them out which usually takes 2 days. In order for us to leave we have to cross a bridge at some point. A builder working on our new house told Jeff that we wouldn't have any problems with the house -- it is built solid. I don't think we'll stick around to find out. We have been through hurricane Hugo when we lived in Charlotte. Charlotte is several hours off the coast and we saw houses flattened in our neighborhood. We'll be watching the weather channel real close.

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Laura said...

If we make it to the "L's" - watch out for Hurricane Laura! LOL!