Monday, August 11, 2008

Poor Jeff!! On Sunday morning Jeff was going to do a little yard work in Florida. When he went out the garage door he met up with a not so friendly snake. The thing coiled up and hissed. Didn't take Jeff long to run for cover. He said it was about 2 feet long and fat. He did a little research and came to the conclusion it was a cottonmouth snake. Can't have any of them hanging around so got his trusty BB gun. He got the snake with the first shot and put him in a bucket. After he called me to tell me about his adventure he went back out to find his snake had been moving around in the bucket. I know Jeff won't be doing any yard work in the near future.


Laura said...

Dang! He should have gotten a picture of it for your blog! Oh well, who likes yardwork anyway?

Pegasus said...

Scary for sure! Time for hiring some help!!