Monday, September 1, 2008

Danny's Visit

We have been working hard on the house. Our decorator from North Carolina was down to visit us for a few days. He has such a great eye for design but he had to resort to choking Jeff once in a while.

We spent one whole day picking tile and flooring . There sure is a lot of new stuff on the market. There will be some bling around the house and pebbles are suppose to feel good on the feet. I can't wait until all the different things come together.

Danny could hardly control himself when he got Jeff to agree put a fan in the exercise room.


Laura said...

You gotta love that Danny! Looks like a tuxedo shirt! And you're letting him smoke in your house? LOL!

Lorie said...

Looks like Danny could teach us a step or two!

PS a reallly neat thing to do as you are building your house is to write wishes, dreams or scriptures you have - for yourself, your kids, Jeff, friends, grandchildren, red hots on the concrete and 2x4's of the rooms before carpet and dry wall. It's neat to remember after it is built. YOu can always take before and after pics!

See ya soon - I HOPE!