Saturday, October 18, 2008

visitors and more visitors

Pam, Pete and her grandson Lennon were in Destin for Pete's fall break. Seems like only yesterday Lennon was born. He's five now and can swim like a fish.

We took the boat out to look for dolphins. The gulf was pretty rough so we headed for the bay. We saw 6 different groups of dolphins. I just never get tired of seeing them.

Late Thursday night or should I say Friday morning we were surprised to see Brooke and her friend Michelle at the door. Brooke had Friday off from school and couldn't stand that we saw dolphins earlier in the week so she came for a quick visit.


Laura said...

Hey, I want to see dolphins too! Can I come this week since Belva will be at my house - LOL! Looks like he still hasn't seen a pair of scissors to that hair!

Pegasus said...

Yeah, like Laura said...where are the dolphin pics? :0) I miss the ocean...enjoy the great weather!