Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pick Me!

I would love to be the winner of "My Memories Suite Digital Scrapbooking software." Maybe then I could get all my pictures organized. I would love to put together some books from some recent trips we have taken. Also I could start a scrapbook on our new adventure ~ the farm.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Where does the time go?

I can't believe it's been so long since I have written anything. It has been a busy year. We moved into our new house in Destin so if we didn't have workers, we had company. Hopefully this year we won't have as much company but I wouldn't count on it. We seem to be booked for the fall so we are taking "reservations" for the spring.

The kids continue to go about their business and are all doing well. Brad has moved a little closer so maybe we'll see him more ~ from NYC to Chicago. Still works lots of hours and has a busy social life. LOL Jeff (jr) is progressing well in his job. They gave him a big raise when he told them he found another job. He has decided to stay with the money. Michelle is loving Las Vegas and is busy with Junior League. Brooke has just come back from being at the beach all summer. Time to go meet her new little kids for the year.

Hope I come back here more than once a year.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Green Acres Not For Me

The beginning of July I got bit by a yellow fly. I had four bites on my left hand -- boy did they itch. The next morning my hand and arm was swollen so I made my way to the immediate care center. A week later with some medication I was better.

Saturday afternoon I thought I would relax in the pool so I put on my hat and got on my raft but I could feel something on my head. I brushed it but still could feel something so I brushed it again. The thing jumped in the pool on my legs -- you have never seen anybody move so fast. I screamed and started running for the stairs with this creature swimming after me. In the water it swam like a snake. Did I mention Jeff and I just watched untamed and uncut on the animal channel where a cobra was on. I was sure it was going to bite me. Jeff came running to my rescue only to find out it was a 3 inch lizard. Geez lost 30 years of my life in a matter of minutes.

Saturday night Jeff and I went to the new house where I watched the sunset from the solana (and got 2 more yellow fly bites). aaahhhh Came home to about 2000 ants crawling on the front of our house. Where did they come from? Jeff nuked them and now our house glows in the dark.Late Sunday afternoon I went out to the pool to do a little exercise and relax. I got in and got out just as fast screaming for Jeff. A snake in my pool. How dare the bugger!!! My hero doesn't like snakes either. He got his shovel and slapped it as it swam -- knocked him silly. I hope it's mother doesn't come looking for us.

Maybe we should be building a condo in the sky.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Michelle came to Destin for a few days. She had never seen the dolphins up close so we took the boat out Sunday morning.
The big dolphin were slapping their tails.

This woman in her kayak just sat there as the dolphin swam around her.

They were real close to our boat. Several of the dolphin were rolling in the water which was fun to watch. A baby dolphin was jumping out of the water. Very cool but I missed every one with my camera.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Last week while we were in Louisville we got a call from the sales lady from the furniture store where we purchased lots of stuff. "You better take delivery of your furniture because with the economy the way it is.... we might go out of business." What? was my reply. We are talking about a large furniture company from Hickory North Carolina -- the furniture capital. They loaded up a 53 foot trailer and headed our way. Where are we going to put this stuff -- the house won't be done until the beginning of August? Our builder quickly secured our gym/garage to put it in there. He will get the air conditioning on this week.
This is how much room we have left for the load that comes Monday morning. Where will we put that load? Always some drama.

Swimming Anyone?

This picture is of the new pool from my office deck. The section on the left will have a shallow end to put lawn chairs in the water. The section on the right will have a LARGE spa to exercise all winter long without heating the whole pool. It seems to be larger than we thought but then again the whole house is larger than we thought.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Banana Nut Bread

Went to a party on Saturday and one of the guests brought the hostess this treat. Some people are so clever.